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Political Dictionary of the History of Health


    • Bafia, 1928

      The events that took place in the district of Bafia in 1928, illustrate the political stakes of vaccine resistance in the colonial world.Roughly translated : « Sleepers of the fat kind in Cameroon taken...

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    • Barcelona 1821

      The 1821 yellow fever outbreak in Barcelona made clear the political dimensions of public health legislation.

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    • Excess mortality in psychiatric hospitals

      Did excess mortality among the Great War insane result from a political choice?

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    • Near Death Experience

      In the mid-1970s, the near-death experience emerged as a new spiritual manifestation within medicine, at the heart of a policy of survivors and their trauma.

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    • Tobacco control

      Tobacco control, for all that it serves unquestionable health purposes, remains steeped in political issues

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