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Political Dictionary of the History of Health


    • Telemedicine

      The Covid-19 pandemic finds us revisiting an ancient practice: telemedicine.

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DicoPolHiS (standing for dictionnaire politique de l’histoire de la santé, political dictionary of the history of health) is a French initiative which aims to gather the communities of historians, history students and actors of the healthcare system.


This dictionary is both historical and political. Its objective is to examine the social stakes of diagnosis and therapeutic practices since the 18th century to the present. Its historical approach permits to understand the way the social and political notions such as the construction of illnesses, care practices or the human body were defined through history. This dictionary studies concepts such as the relation between the caregiver and the patient, the intervention of citizens in the field of health, the social and political stakes of diagnosis and therapeutic practices.


These standardized notes follow academic rules and are written by academics and advanced history students and a new note is published every week.DicoPolHiS ambitions to become an open reference tool for academic production and to widen and internationalize. This project is led by Hervé Guillemain, historian and professor at Mans University, supported by the research laboratory for history, TEMOS CNRS 9016.


If you are interested in DicoPolHiS, you can follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and visit our website: http://dicopolhis.univ-lemans.fr


The best way to help us grow is by sharing the initiative to your historian or health networks. If you are motivated to take part in the project by writing notes for the dictionary, please contact us at dicopolhis@univ-lemans.fr. It might also be for you an opportunity to promote your work on the French and international scenes.