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Political Dictionary of the History of Health

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  • Editor-in-chief: Hervé Guillemain (Professor at Le Mans University - Laboratory for history TEMOS CNRS 9016)
  • Website Design: Axel Pitrou (Communication Department of Le Mans University)

Season 2 (2020-2021):

  • Coordination: Fanny Quenel, Bastien Goupil
  • Editorial team: Anaïs Grandbert, Carmen Rousseau, Laure Deslandes, Titouan Bois, Gaspard Bouhallier
  • Communication and social media managers: Fanny Quenel, Corinne Airieau, Elisa Vaz, Marie Guais
  • Audiovisual team: Simon Peverelli, Thomas Lebouc, Salwan Bendriss, Guillaume Pichois, Justine Magniez
  • Partnerships manager: Bastien Goupil, Pierre Bachelot
  • International communication: Khatouna Adjamova


DicoPolHiS Project


This dictionary defines concepts and terms related to health and healthcare system politics and history.

This dictionary is political because of its purpose. Through the different types of inputs such as actors, institutions and events it analyzes the increasing importance of citizens in the healthcare system.

This dictionary is also historical. The articles aim to analyze the healthcare system and its components since the late 18th century which mark its beginning.

The published articles will focus on current issues related to the different aspects of the human body and health, through historical and political prism. Health is understood in a broad sense, including its physical and psychological aspects and social issues related to the body.

This dictionary’s objective is to study the social stakes of diagnosis and therapeutic practices by insisting on the key moments of their evolution. The different articles must highlight the genesis of the social and political issues that animate the health system. 

Articles are published once a week on the website and the different social media. This dictionary is open to external contributions that will be the subject of a review by the editorial team.

It is also a reference tool. Articles are written by specialists in their field and on the subject, such as faculty members, PhD or graduate history and sociology students and actors of the health care system. These articles can be used in the academic field because of the research made by the authors and the editorial team. Although it uses a variety of media and aims at popularization, it relies on the academic methods and includes academic references. 

Finally, this dictionary is a pedagogical tool since students in training can contribute to it according to specific methods.

  • Saison 1 (2019-2020) : Membres de la rédaction et animation des réseaux : Corinne Airieau, Pierre Bachelot, Alice Milano, Antoine Thomas, Quentin Beaune, Marie Guais, Nicolas Pelouas (logo).

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