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Political Dictionary of the History of Health

Rules for contributing

The topics :

The subjects of the articles are chosen from a broad understanding of the term "health".

They must include a political dimension, for example by evoking these themes:

    The evolution of the carer-patient relationship.

    The intervention of citizens in the field of health.

    The social and political stakes of diagnosis and therapeutic practices.

   The political stakes of public health issues, whether they involve the body, diseases, health institutions, health structure.

They can concern individuals, places, practices, diseases, events, institutions, objects, concepts, part of the body.


The form :

    Each article includes a text, an image, two bibliographical references, optionally external links and a sentence of less than 16 words which summarises the subject and clearly expresses the link with the project (history, politics, health).

    The text has to be 4500-5000 characters long (including spaces) and to be written in a language accessible to the public.  It does not include footnotes.

    The image (in JPEG format), delivered separately from the text, could be chosen for its documentary and/or illustrative character. It must be free of rights or accompanied by the rights necessary for its publication. It is briefly captioned.

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