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Political Dictionary of the History of Health


    • The suitcases of Willard State Hospital (New-York)

      Suitcases as symbols of the struggle for dignity and civil rights of people with mental illnesses

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    • The Corset

      Devised to control the female body, the corset has had, between the 18th and the 20th century, many detractors.

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    • Syringe

      The appearance of new syringe models in the 1850s questions the conditions of the development of medical techniques.

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    • Sugar

      The relationship to sugar in our society is sustainably anchored on a difference between genders.

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    • Speculum

      Gynaecological abuse has its history. A lookback on the growth in speculum use.

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    • LSD

      LSD was, for a while in the 50s, a promising medication before becoming controversial.

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    • D’Arsonval chronometer

      Time-measurement devices in clinical and experimental settings have historically tended to pathologize mental “slowness” and normalize “speed” as a signifier of mental health.

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    • Dreamcatcher

      There are policies of the dream, as illustrated by the different ways of apprehending the dreams in the Amerindian populations.

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    • Bed

      The bed is not a simple object structuring the hospital space. It is also a therapeutic instrument and an indicator for public authorities to guide hospital policy.

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