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Political Dictionary of the History of Health


    • "Gueules cassées"

      The Gueules cassées, in other words facially disfigured soldiers, are recognized as war wounded people with difficulty, but they represent a turning point in surgery.

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    • Caster Semenya

      The case of Caster Semenya politicises through sport the intersex condition.

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    • Christine Jorgensen

      “Ex-GI becomes blonde beauty” : in 1953, Christine Jorgensen became the first transsexual in the media.

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    • Dr Quinn

      Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman can be considered as a feminist series as it highlights women's access to scientific and medical professions

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    • Match workers

      As from the 1830s, match workers were facing numerous work-related hazards.

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    • Officiers de santé

      Should the new career of assistant medical be understood as a return to the Officiers de Santé status ?

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    • Patient associations

      As early as the years 1930-50, tuberculosis patient associations became significant political actors.

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    • The Blind

      The Great War marked a second turning point in the history of social policies towards the blind.

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