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Political Dictionary of the History of Health


    • Clitoris

      Almost entirely overlooked throughout the 20th century, neglected by contemporary medical manuals, the clitoris has gradually returned centre stage thanks to Western feminism.

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    • Hollywood smile

      The Hollywood smile, characterized by white, straight teeth, is a complex phenomenon involving social, cultural, scientific and technological changes in the early 20th century. It emerged with the development of film, advertising, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

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    • Hymen

      By asserting the hymen, a ubiquitous trait of female anatomy, 19th physicians reinforced the taboos affecting women's sexuality.

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    • Menopause

      The history of “menopause” as a medical category revolves around gender relationships.

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    • Obesity

      Over the course of the 20th century, obesity came to be seen as a public health issue.

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    • Placenta

      The placenta and its singularities illustrate the advent of a new body policy.

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    • The Stomach

      Knowledge of the interconnection of the gut and psyche has a longer history than scientists often admit.

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